Destin Fish Species

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What kind of fish do you catch in Destin, Florida?

In Destin, Florida, you can catch a variety of fish including redfish, trout, snapper, and grouper. With Captain Joshua Regans of Reel Runners, you'll be expertly guided to the best spots, ensuring a successful and exciting fishing adventure.

What fish are in Destin?

Large bluefin tunas can be seen swimming close to Destin Harbor. In fact, a bluefin tuna weighing 826 pounds that was caught in Destin in 2017 broke a state record. Even though a recently caught bluefin tuna weighing 642-pounds didn't break that record, it was still cause for celebration on the dock.

Is Destin good for fishing?

Yes, Destin is excellent for fishing due to its rich marine life and variety of fish species. With Captain Joshua Regans of Reel Runners, you'll experience the best fishing Destin has to offer, guided by his expertise and knowledge of the local waters.

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